Social Starts in an early stage investment fund for companies oriented toward building the “Social Construct” and the revolution this era is bringing. Businesses who recognize the Social Construct are building models that are beyond social media, social applications, social networking, or even a social platform. It’s the layering of a new methodology and perspective on the ways we communicate with each other in every part of life, both personally and in business. It changes the way we think of connections among people and how we get information, and it must be applied to all of our existing media, applications, networks, platforms, and other forms of human connection. Current popular social platforms are just instantiations of the Social Construct in a public way, and in many ways have trained us to be comfortable with — and indeed prefer — the Social Construct as a way to live, work, and absorb and disseminate information. The Social Construct will provide us with ways to solve problems that we couldn’t have imagined without such a framework, and every business must apply the Social Construct to the very fabric of how it runs its business. The new enterprises which provide these solutions are the ones in which Social Starts will invest and help catalyze.